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How much of your complex science and technology do your stakeholders and customers understand?

Making the Esoteric Accessible

You're working to change the world. The fundamental scientific principles of your work are sound; your technology is cutting-edge; now it's time to spread the word. Scientific and technological breakthroughs require highly trained personnel using specialized tools, specialized methods, even specialized language. But your breakthroughs will never have a chance to change the world if you can't let others know what you've done.

Communicating science and technology developments to nonspecialists requires its own vocabulary. You need to tell people what your technology can do without stretching the boundaries of credibility. The middle ground between academic rigor and promotional hyperbole is not easy territory, but we've been working there for years.

We're successful because we've been in your shoes. Decades of work in advanced technology at world-class r&d facilities means we understand the significance and complexities of your work. We speak your language. What's better, we can translate it into the language of your investors, your marketing partners, your customers.

This is what we can write for you:

Because of our background there's no need for you to generate first drafts; just provide us with copies of your existing documentation, clarify your goals, and let us do the work! You'll save hours, days, even weeks of prepatory effort. And your written materials will communicate exactly what you want your readers to understand.

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