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  Some titles representing the range of articles written by Richard Gaughan. Hold the cursor over a title to see publication information. Some titles are linked to online articles.    
    In the Live Light (in-vivo imaging)    
    Image-Processing Methods Reconstruct Archival Audio Recordings    
    Not Your Grandpa's Bulb: The Physics of Lighting    
    Hot Bodies—How Incandescent Bulbs Work    
    Zapping Atoms—How Fluorescent Lamps Work    
    A New State of Lighting—Solid State Lighting from LEDs    
    Conference Highlights Dutch-U.S. Nano Business    
    New Applications for Hot Technologies    
    The Best and the Brightest LED Luminaires: DOE's Annual List    
    Photovoltaic Cells: Deployment Accelerates as Industry Innovates    
    Small Tech Meets 'Impossible' Goals    
    Research and Development Empowers Solid-State Lightingp;    
    Making Light of the Small    
    Light Looks at Your Health    
    Tunable Diode Lasers Offer Real-World Flexibility    
    Fluorescence Spectroscopy Identifies Kamut    
    Terahertz Source Employs Intracavity Optical Parametric Oscillator    
    Computing the Light Fantastic    
    Single-Lens System Offers Simultaneous Fields of View    
    Photonic Switches Put the Internet on Steroids    
    The Next Generation of Ground Astronomy    
    Photonic Crystals Surge Forward    
    Digital Detectors: Out of the Lab and into the Clinic    
    Adaptive Optics Industry Finds New Markets Through MEMS    
    Bloodless Blood Counts, in a Matter of Moments    
    Unique Atomic Spectroscopy Aims at Answering Universal Question    
    Optical Trap Produces Degenerate Fermi Gas    
    Lasers Replace Magnet Trap for Condensates    
    Remote Sensing Guides Farmers to Increased Profits    
    Integrated Photodetector Improves Wireless Communications    
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