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An Industrial Application of Transition Engineering
An industrial laser company understands that cutting efficiency goes down as the laser beam quality decreases. And beam quality is decreased by optical aberrations that are introduced by heating and contamination of the cutting area. Beam quality can be repaired using an adaptive optical system, but that technology is beyond the core of expertise of the system manufacturer. They have identified the need, and would like to incorporate the technology, but do not understand the science and technology. They can hire an expert in adaptive optics who will be able to design a laboratory system that can correct the aberrations in the beam, but that expert is unlikely to have a grasp of the steps necessary to transition the design to manufacturing, and then market the resulting improvement.

Our transition engineering team evaluates the entire transition cycle, from need to marketing, then develops a technology evaluation and implementation plan. The implementation plan includes key performance requirements, but also cost constraints; volume, size, and electrical power limitations, field maintenance requirements, ancillary hardware requirements generated by software needs. Each factor in the implementation cycle is considered at every step. This means that brassboards will be designed not to evaluate every aspect of the technology, but only those that are required for end system performance. It means that prototypes are developed with packaging constraints inherent in the design. And it means that the product designed for manufacturing will meet the price point needed for marketability. Our transition engineering team works with the separate organizations within our client companies to change a haphazard, piecemeal, expensive development project into a streamlined, efficient marketable product development process. For every step, from the technological analysis to marketing materials, we optimize our client's development cycle.

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