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Project Management Services
Moving advanced technology from the lab to the end user requires the successful integration of different classes of activities. Design, manufacturing, test, packaging, even marketing and sales must be coordinated, and that coordination does not just happen, it must be planned and guided. In particular, advanced technology development, with its inherent risks and uncertainties, must be planned for and monitored so that problems can be identified as soon as possible, and contingency plans implemented.

In a world of infinite resources, all technologies could be developed. In the real world, money, time, personnel, manufacturing and test facilities are all finite resources that must be allocated. But when developing new technology, by definition, something is being done for the first time, and the initial allocations will need to be adjusted. By developing and monitoring performance metrics, the project stays under control and on target.

We will work with your functional organizations to define a project plan, generate performance metrics, minimize risks, and develop contingency plans. Your project stays under control, your development stays efficient, and your costs are minimized.

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