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Why this company was formed:
In the year 2000, after nearly twenty years working with cutting-edge organizations developing advanced technologies, Richard Gaughan founded Mountain Optical Systems Technology. In those twenty years he had worked on projects as diverse as an undersea network of acoustic sensors, a visible light interferometer for extreme ultraviolet optics, and an orbiting 1-meter resolution space telescope. Although the range of technologies was wide, the projects shared the same process. A group of highly specialized scientists and engineers attempt to bring unique new capabilities to bear on a new or existing problem. Technical dream teams were assembled, with each member one of the best in the world at their specialty, yet smooth progress of the development process was interrupted every time the project went out of the hands of one functional organization and into the hands of another.


Why did each new functional organization need to take one step back for each two forward? Why did projects have to go back to functional organizations that had completed their work?

Because there had been a failure to flow end product requirements all the way back to the initial research and development, a failure in what we call transition engineering.

Why do we need to call this something new, isn't this just systems engineering, or concurrent engineering, or integrated product development, or...?

Because to do this job effectively, to optimize every stage in the product development process, requires a unique set of skills. It takes people who are as comfortable in the academic lab as they are on the shop floor. People who can talk to a non-technical customer as comfortably as to an engineering specialist. People who can speak the language of each functional organization and translate from one to the other.

Throughout their careers Richard Gaughan and his associates have cultivated that ability, and now put that capability at your disposal.

If you need overall project review and management, assistance improving the ability of your team members to communicate both within and outside your organization, or simply help writing about your scientific and technological advances in language readers will understand--we connect ideas to reality.

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