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Building on decades of experience of evaluating and developing advanced technologies, we offer both engineering consulting and scientific and technical communication services to help advance your product development and increase your market presence. Explore below and select the link of interest to accelerate your next steps.

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Engineering Accomplishments

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Laboratory findings, hardware breadboards, or prototype components do not transform themselves into high-performance systems. The transition from concept to reality is not easy, but it's essential. That's where I can help.

Skills required to make a fundamental laboratory advance don't overlap very well with skills required to make a functioning product. On the other end of the scale, production, process, and manufacturing engineers excel at streamlining the fabrication process once a product is in near-to-finished form, but their expertise isn't centered in creating a functioning product.

Many startup companies are jam-packed with scientific authorities, and established companies are overflowing with production specialists. The middle ground, though, is often neglected.

That middle ground is the territory of 'the valley of death' that kills so many promising technologies. I can help guide you through that middle ground and create world-changing products.

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Scientific and Technical Communication
Technological and scientific innovations by their very nature are understood only by a handful of people. The first stage in spreading the word about your work — whether an advance in scientific understanding or a new product — is to make it accessible to your target audience. This requires a lot more than a detailed explanation of your breakthrough. You need to frame your message not in your terms, but in terms that connect with your target audience.

That's a multi-stage process — a process I streamline for you. That frees you to concentrate on your science and technology, while I produce whitepapers, articles, and other educational and marketing materials.

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